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Keeping Students on Track with their Studies at Home

To inspire and guide student learning during the temporary dismissal of classes to preemptively slow the spread of COVID-19, Canyons District educators have created a robust repository of home-learning guides and educational resources. 

At a web portal called Parent Connections, which was created by Canyons District’s Instructional Supports Department, patrons will find tools to aid families as they continue their studies at home during the dismissal. Parent Connections also includes tips for helping children cope with disruptions in their normal routines as well as other wellness resources.

These resources were created to help parents support students as they engage in at-home learning activities. The study guides found on the web portal are meant as a starting point to provide structure for the time spent away from school.

While students are away from class, they should be committed to maintaining their educational progress. Canyons families are encouraged to establish a routine that includes time dedicated to the grade-level learning opportunities provided by teachers in digital and hard-copy formats.

The short hiatus also could be seen as an optimal time for students to complete outstanding assignments in order to increase her or his overall academic standing in a class. 

To ease minds, parents and students should know that a “soft freeze” has been placed on student grades. This means that while their grades won’t suffer during the dismissal, they can work to improve them.

Each school will provide instructions to families regarding how they can access the educational resources for each of their individual students. School leaders also will communicate how to access detailed course content and grade-level-specific expectations. While any newly provided learning opportunities, or “hiatus homework,” will not be graded, students are expected to participate in at-home learning as directed by their teachers and principal. 

However, the accredited Canyons Virtual High School is ready to provide credit-bearing classes so students can stay on track to graduate. During the dismissal, CVHS will limit new enrollments to CSD seniors. Seniors who are not currently in a CVHS class but want to use the dismissal to earn either original or recovery credits can go to the CVHS website on Monday, March 23 to register

If students go to the site and attempt to register before Monday, March 23, they may get a message saying their registration is denied. This should not be cause for panic. It means the student has been placed on a “digital wait list” for the course, but will be added as soon as the school accepts the registration. All CSD seniors who wish to enroll in the free classes will be accepted.

Students who are now enrolled in a CVHS class are urged to continue working hard at their coursework. While in-person proctored exams have been cancelled, CVHS can administer exams digitally.

After the school-dismissal order is rescinded, CVHS will return to its regular enrollment procedures for ninth- though 12th-grade students. Students and families are encouraged to visit the CVHS website for current updates, including proctoring and registration information.

Please note that as of Monday, March 16, to comply with social distancing guidelines, CSD teachers were informed that they may work from remote locations. However, all CSD teachers will be available by email, phone or video-conferencing during usual school hours. CSD asks parents and students to give teachers 24 hours to respond to questions. If parents or students do not receive a response within that timeframe, they are asked to contact the Main Office or the principal. 

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